☆☆ Features of Machine ☆☆

Hair removal machine and facial treatment machine use raw materials from manufacturers that specialize in laser light. This machine is manufactured by the oldest company in Japan.

As it is a Japanese product, it is safe without worrying anything when ever you come to get the treatment.


1.Patented technology acquired not only in Japan but also overseas.

2. A constant current multi-pulse patented, both of highly effective and highly safe

3. Depending on the sapphire irradiated surface, light does not disperse and light reaches into the dermis, so it acts firmly on collagen and capillaries.

4. For growing hair is effective up to 98 %​

5.For man mustache hair removal, the hair is getting thinner and thinner like woman mustache

【epiACE Light】

1. A machine that even a screw is made in Japan.

2. Moreover, the machine has no radiation and it makes the IPL hair removal working safety.

3. Get the hair removal by IPL can helps the cells grow stronger and increase the Collagen in your body.

4. Reduce freckles, red spots and acne scars on skin.

☆☆ Safety standard ☆☆

■Japanese Industrial Scale (JIS) Got   JISQ 9001:2000

■International Organization for Standardization(ISO)Got  ISO 9001:2000

■Observed by Patent Number 2007-185467

■PSE Mark

It is a proof of high safety that is recognized as electrical equipment.

It is a testimonial of trust attached to those safety standards of EU member.

■CE Mark(European Conformity)

It is a testimonial of trust attached to those safety standards of EU member.

■Japan Esthetic Promotion Council

Applicable beauty light depilation equipment

Conformity certificate number: 1205-1-1003

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