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A simple skin care products have been produced by the owner of Shin Nippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, who is a pharmacist that has been producing products in the beauty cosmetics industry for many years. You can use with confidence, regardless of sex and age.

Make your skin feel transparent by the combination of Arbutin, Fullerene,  acid, collagen, Platinum Nano colloid etc.

Sort Pur  (Smooth skin)

Lady Finger (Acne skin)

Using Silicon (Mineral Nutrients) and Fucoidan as the main ingredients. It stimulates skin growth factors with human stem cell cultures, rebuilds fibroblasts that form the skin tissue, rejuvenates the skin from the cell level. Furthermore, Hadroquinone is a basic cosmetic product that not only prevents spots, but it can be reduce the existing spots.

Vitamin C 30% compounded,

moisturizing whitening beauty essence


<Cleansing ·

Salon monopoly cosmetic>

It is non-additive cleansing that is gentle to your skin and the earth, which is made for "makeup removal" and "aging care". Jointly produce by a dermatologist cosmetic and a managed nutritionist.


Eye Care that can be easily cleaned with water

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