【 Such as spot, wrinkle Facial-Powerlite 】 One and a half hours

・ The light of Powerlite will improve all the troubles simultaneously, such as spot, wrinkle, acne, reddish face and so on.

・ It regenerates collagen of the dermis layer with power light.

・ Before the treatment by Powerlite, we need to peel the horny first.

・ There is no downtime so you can make up immediately after the treatment.

Processing : SW Cleansing→SW Washing face→DELI Peeling→Neutralization and Moisturizing→Irradiation→Sedation & SW Lotion pack → Beauty essence → Essence → Aging cream → UV care

【 Whitening Facial-Hydrogen 】  1 hour

・Hydrogen is the smallest molecule on the earth, it absorbs active oxygen from the skin perfectly.

・The 30% vitamin C derivatives is delivered to the dermis using electroporation. At the same time I treat my skin with LED lights.

・Prepare your skin with cream containing hydroquinone based on silicon and high purity fucoidan.

Processing :SW Cleansing→SW Washing face →Hydrogen packing → Vitamin C (electroporation) & LED light → SW Lotion pack→SW Essence→MP Hydroquinone cream → UV care

【 Benefits of acne care Facial 】​​  One and a half hours

・Cleansing to remove dirt on pores and grow skin.

・Before the treatment by Powerlite , we need to peel the horny first. And it promotes turnover and softens the skin.

・Regenerating collagen in the dermal layer, It is very effective for acne scars.

・For finishing, use the basic cosmetics that you can use with peace of mind for acne or trouble skin.

​Processing:IMP Cleansing → LF Washing face →DELI Peeling → Neutralization and Moisturizing → Irradiation → Sedation & LF Lotion pack → MP Serum → LF Gel → UV care

【 Benefits of moisture Facial 】  1 hour

・Sort Pur can soften your skin without damaging your skin at all. Soften peeling is carried out with basic cosmetics to remove dirt on the skin surface, promote turnover, and let uptake of beautiful skin ingredients up.

・With whitening pack and electroporation the 30% vitamin C derivatives and which is not defeated by any trouble.

​・Prepare your skin with moist gel containing fullerene, platinum, arbutin, collagen, hyaluronic acid.

Processing:IMP Cleansing → SP Washing face → SP Peeling → Vitamin C (electroporation) & LED light → Whitening pack→ VC lotion pack→ SP Gel→ UVcare

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